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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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sixers introduce ben simmons one day after drafting him first overall and he goes one on one with our don bell, what he says it will take to turn the franchise around and next thing i was standing right there by the back door and i heard shots, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> police officer in folcroft delaware county is shot seven times in the line of duty. tonight that officer is in the hospital and that suspect gunman is behind bars. i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. local officials wrapped up a press conference about a half an hour ago, iron we have team three coverage for you you. greg argos is at penn presbyterian medical center where that officer is being treated. we will begin with alex hoff in folcroft with new information from that press conference, alex. >> reporter: that suspect has pneumonia identified as dante brooks island also known as
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abdul wahi, this is a convicted drug offender who at one point was sentenced to 15 years behind bars. police are not sure how much of that he did serve but we know that he also fired shots at a second officer. grateful applause, once word of suspect's apprehension spread. dozens of police units from surrounding areas including the fbi arrived to elmwood avenue hours earlier to help search for the man accused of shooting folcroft officer christopher dorman and six times ride right across the street from the folcroft police station. police say the 259 year-old was responding to a report of drug activity. tameika daily and her daughter ran from the building after hearing gun shots. the man police were looking for is someone that daily says she has encountered. just before 1:00 p.m. police went inside folcroft station apartments and as seen in this
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video was table to take the shoot inner custody without further incident. >> our first impression was he had left the scene and we were able through investigation through the detailed investigation with all of the different departments investigating, we learn that he was in the immediate area we were also able to confirm that by atf pinging his cell phone. >> reporter: stressful experience for on looking community and more so for officers and that is why raymon says he wants to become one. >> we have to catch bad guys and stand up and be proud of what they do. >> reporter: proud of what they do every day. as for brooks island he is facing serious charges especially so now that we know a second officer was involved, those include two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of attempted murder. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". doctors say officer dorman is lucky to have survived seven gunshots. >> tonight we are hearing his
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dramatic call for help. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos continues our team coverage from penn presbyterian medical center, greg. >> reporter: officer right now is here at penn presbyterian medical center in critical but stable condition and we are told he is under going surgery for a bullet wound to the face. as we mentioned there were seven wound he sustain, four shots to the chest. those were stopped by his bullet resistant vest one to the face, one to the leg and groin. delaware county district attorney says it is unbelievable he is alive. >> i'm shot, i'm shot. >> reporter: twenty-five year-old folcroft boro police officer christopher dorman pleading for help. >> unaudible. >> reporter: as he is being shot. >> about 10:00 o'clock this morning our officers, folcroft officers were dispatched for some subjects smoking. >> reporter: minutes earlier one year veteran of the force was first to respond to a call in the 1500 block of elmwood
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street in folcroft. >> people thought they were selecting narcotics. >> reporter: when the chief of police said he was ambush, shot seven times, dormans vest saving his life. >> i was told by there is that thank god he had his vest on. there may have been several shots into his vest. i don't know front back or both i'm in the sure. >> reporter: dor man was transported to mercy fitzgerald hospital by a fellow officer. >> unaudible. >> reporter: then flown by hell cooperate tore penn presbyterian where he is currently in critical but stable condition. >> mother and father are here, they are obviously upset but they feel more relieved now that he is stable, according to the doctors. it could be worse. >> reporter: district attorney there in delaware county says officer chris dorman has under gone two surgeries one for his leg and one for his groin area
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those both successful. he is in critical but stable condition. we are live at penn presbyterian hospital i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage, you can always get latest on the investigation at cbs a community comes together to remember a four year-old girl who died after being shot in the face in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" at prayer vigil for child on north 20th street police say it appears she accidentally shot herself inside a second floor bedroom yesterday. no charges have been filed in the case but detectives are still investigating how the child got access to the weapons. today a funeral service was held in philadelphia for youngest victim of the orlando nightclub shooting. family and friend gathered at monumental baptist church to say about good bye to 18 year-old akyra murray. she recently graduated from west catholic high school and was a stand up basketball player. the school's president says akyra touched the lives of so many people.
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>> i hope they understand, the real impact that she had upon everyone young and old. she was a great young girl. she was a scholar athlete. she is the scholar athlete of our school and just a great young girl. >> akyra graduated third in her class and was on her way to college on a full athletic scholarship. also today, funeral services were held for george benning he will, the pennsylvania spca's direct of humane law enforcement. services held in northeast philadelphia included full military honors. bengal passed away saturday at 69. pspca has established the bengal fund to end animal cruelty. authorities charge a third suspect in connection with the murder of a chester woman. victim's body was found in fairmount park. police arrested keith bull you can of chester yesterday and he is charge with chantell smith of south philadelphia and sha von armstrong. they killed, toy bryant over a
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$800 debt. she was tied up, stand, and then shot. both are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. britain's surprise decision to leave the european union create aid shock wave through financial markets around the globe. they suffered the biggest loss since august. dow jones was down 611, nasdaq down 202 and s and p down 76 points. following the landmark decision britain's prime minister david cameron announced he will be stepping down by october and it could take some two years or more for britain to fully separate from the european union. scott pelley will have have much more on the fall out from the decision to leave the eu on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. nice day across most of the area but some strong storms hit parts of the south jersey, meteorologist kate bilo outside on the skies deck with more on what cumberland county saw and what we should expect for the rest of the night, kate. >> it is a beautiful evening in the city. e were in and out of the cloud but generally dry weather are,
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for us, not the case off to our south and even tonight, especially to the north and west. we are seeing showers and thunderstorms redevelop. lets take a look at storm scan three. a lot going on out here but you can see worst of the weather over south jersey and delaware has started to move off shore. now we are seeing storms develop in our north and western suburbs up across berks county where strongest is at the moment. we will take you up there and see what it is looking like out there right now. we can see heavy rain, frequent lightening, over western berks county. good news is these storms appear to be rotating down south and west, and doesn't look like they will get into philadelphia, can't rule out a stray shower this evening or tonight but most of these will be moving out of the area within the next couple of hours. quick look at six hour loop shows heavy rain that formed over southern cumberland county earlier today, there it is and it did not move for hours on end and that was the problem. we had a flash flood warning in effect for our area which is now expired but you you can see doppler estimated rainfall in the past two hours mainly over south jersey and delaware
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with one red bull's eye over southern cumberland county where some spots got over 3 inches of rain. that has now dried out and it looks like things will stay dry for the weekend. i'll have your full forecast coming up. here's our seven day spoiler, which day do you want to look forward to? that would be tomorrow. look out for next tuesday. i will tell you why when we join you inside with the full forecast. now back over to you. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" yoga for everyone, how the popular activity could have therapeutic benefits for people with disabilities. an honor restored see moment of stolen plaque honoring a philadelphia fire fighter was finally replaced. future is now, ben simmons introduced to the philadelphia media for the very first time, coming up in sports we will hear his thoughts on staying here in philadelphia. we will be right back.
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we are now getting our first good look at dante brooks island, the man accused of shooting a folcroft police officer seven times today. these aim edges were captured as island was taken in custody. the officer christopher dorman is in the hospital in critical but stable condition, we will continue to update you as updates become available. now on the healthwatch tonight international day of yoga was celebrated, proclaimed to recognize health benefits of the yoga and that includes for people with disability. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on special classes. >> reporter: they are indeed. yoga is very popular, we know that. doctors say it can provide a variety of health benefits and
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that extend to people with disabilities. well, now there are yoga classes for those special populations, one started by a mom who was inspired by her son. >> really tall. >> reporter: this is adaptive yoga for people with disabilities. >> everything from cerebral palsy, ms, stroke survivors, parkinson's, down syndrome. >> reporter: kerry hamlen has been practicing yoga for years and now something she does with her son sean who has cerebral palsy and others with disability. >> ohio ace for everybody, and it doesn't matter your age, your size, anything, it doesn't math fur you can't touch your toes. >> reporter: sean is 18 now. he had been hospitalized countless times mainly for breathing issues until three years ago. >> as wide as you are able to. >> when kerry started yoga with him. >> i need practiced to heel my body and soul and then i realized sean, he need the
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same thing. yoga really became a path the way for him to move his breath where he need it to help clear his lungs so he is not developing as many pneumonias. >> take a deep breath in, and out. >> reporter: along with better breathing yoga can improve strength, flexibility, muscle tone and more. >> it is whole package, body, mind, spirit and yoga means union so it is bringing those things together. >> reporter: after seeing what yoga did for her son, kerry, certified in yoga, now does classes for others at her studio, yoga home in conshohocken. >> it is tremendous, so gratifying, big lift all the way up, as you om. >> reporter: now tomorrow they will be doing yoga for special populations a day of free classes for people with disabilities. some classes include yoga for caregivers and for kids on the spectrum. we have that information on cbs, click on
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health. >> terrific job good help everyone. >> that is great. >> stephanie, thank you sixers introducing their new star ben simmons to the media sports director don bell joins us from the sixers practice facility with more, done done. >> guys, as you know over last season there wasn't a whole lot to cheer about for 76ers. they lost 72 out of 82 games, second worst season in the history of the nba but today hope, all about hope, excitement because ben simmons is now a philadelphia 76ers. we will show you video as he met with the philadelphia media for very first time the full scope of philadelphia meade yah should say holding up that number 25 jersey, that is number he will rock on the court. >> he is top prospect in the land, compared to lebron james and magic johnson. i asked him in a one on one interview is it still surreal. >> of course, yeah i'm excited to be here. i'm ready to go around the
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town and meet the people. i'm happy to be part of the organization. >> this organization is really excited about you. what have they told but your role moving forward because we her brian colangelo say we don't want to put the weight of the world on this kid shoulders a lot comes with the number one pick so that always will happen. i want to be a leader on this team. coming in make sure i'm working hard. >> last 24 hours have changed the lives of several players around our region. former st. joes deapril dray bembry drafted 21st overall, the a-10 player of the year, he will play for atlanta hawks. richardson drafted between the second, he played at syracuse, he is from trenton. he was drafted by charlotte but that pick was trade to the sacramento kings. how about ryan arcidiacono, he is from the villanova wildcats as you know, he had that game winning assist to chris jenkins, he signs a two year deal with the san antonio
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spurs and his running mate on that championship game, daniel ochefu will play for washington wizard. congratulations to those four men. amazing achievement. we're sitting here talking about the nba draft but big night for flyers. nhl draft is tonight, flyers have the 18th overall pick. we will full information for you tonight at 11:00. meanwhile more flyers news, picking up a big time player, ratco goodas signing a four year deal for a reported 13.4 million. so fly guys making the playoffs and now trying to make some moves here in the off season. here at the sixers, war room, and, of course, really believe they have now change the course of the franchise, it is a great day here for the philadelphia 76ers because ben simmons now officially part of the organization. that is story here, in the sixers facility, don bell back to you in the studio. >> i'm pumped up too.
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>> thanks, db, sunshine shining on the sixers organization, what about the rest of us. >> it looks good for the weekend. first weekend of summer. we have been talking about it. great way to dive headfirst in summer whether heading to the pool, heading to the shore, or maybe just working for the weekend try to get sometime to step outside and enjoy the sunshine over the next couple of days. tonight still some spots looking glummy. lets start off with a look at the shore which has pretty nasty weather earlier. we had heavier thunderstorms, street flooding in stone harbor, heavy rain across cape may county down through cumberland county and ocean city got hit hard, just about an hour or two ago but sunnies trying to break back out through cloud, people back out on the boardwalk trying to salvage their friday night down the shore. at wittfield elementary school in reading on live neighborhood network is looking ominous looking west toward mountains. that is where showers and thunderstorms are at the moment. they have develop over western berks county.
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these storms are drift to go the south but notice how they are building on the western edge, and mess of these will miss the majority of our area can't rule out a shower or storm over lancaster county, possibly into portions of chester county as well just scattered showers through remainder of this evening before finally everything clears out as we head in the start of the weekend, biggest threat with these heavy downpours, the red and pink shading there is an indication where heaviest rain is falling at the moment. that is dropping temperature in berks county. forty-seven in reading. rain cooled down the shore with temperatures in the lower 70's. we are at 78 degrees right the now in philadelphia but, dew point wise still steamy. 63 degrees at the moment. that is dew point, measure of moisture contend in the atmosphere and that puts us in the steamy range. tomorrow will be same dew point in the mid 50's in the afternoon meaning we will be right back to the please an range. things looking better as we head toward the weekend. stunner.
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eighty's on saturday. mostly sunny, comfortable humidity. not the lowest we have ever felt. we had that with dew point's in the the 30's and 40's. dew points in the 50's, highs in the 80's, perfect summer wet they are weekend. monday does steam up more this front will approach. it may bring us a shower and thunderstorm late in the day on monday on monday night and that could link inner to tuesday, and tuesday brings our bigger threat for showers and storms, next week. overnight, mainly cloudy, warm. 64 degrees. tomorrow, mostly sunny, and pleasant. couple spots may have clouds but will be sunny and beautiful. 85 degrees. shore clouds to sunshine 74. beautiful weather for sunday and monday, with temperatures in the upper 70's. you're witness weather seven day forecast monday looks good as well, it gets more humid, watch for that late day or evening thunderstorm. tuesday, warm, steamy, few showers and storms around and 88, and then we're back to the good stuff next wednesday and thursday, overall a press i typical nice summer forecast but weekend is beautiful.
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>> good stuff. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. we are here in philadelphia and it was a beautiful day to run bike swim or maybe all three. >> coming up see how a slice of the olympics found its way to a local park today, we wil
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earlier we told you a story about thieves stole a memorial plaque honoring a fallen philadelphia fire fighter. >> tonight that plaque has been replaced. "eyewitness news" at engine 45, for the rededication ceremony honoring fire fighters james mcgee. he died in 1898 when a wall collapsed on him when he for the a four alarm fire, a plaque laid in his honor back in 2006 disappeared this march. the new you plaque now has a home at engine 45, on west york street. "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead to that, scott. >> hi ukee and jessica great to be with you in philadelphia here's the "cbs evening news"
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tonight. stocks have plunged on word that great britain is leaving the european union. what will it mean for our economy, and home. plus death toll is rising rapidly in west virginia, massive floods, and after the massacre in orlando this college student made the most important decision of his life. these stories just ahead on the big news take on the "cbs evening apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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weekend warriors are getting ready to swim, bike and run. >> that is right, athletes began picking up their race packets for philadelphia a triathlon in fairmount park. it is a a two day event with a race on saturday and another on sunday, nearly 3,000 try athletes from begin tours professionals will be competing. the hundreds of spectators will be cheering them on along the route. >> good luck. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly. back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", scott pelley reports now from new york, take care family we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: stock markets plummet. after the vote, heard round the world. >> we will call it independence day. >> the british people have voted, and their will must be respected. >> pelley: a prime minister resigns. what does it mean for america? also tonight, the death toll is rising in west virginia's floods. >> we got out, so that's all that matters. >> pelley: nowhere to run as flames race through the california hills. >> it was like driving into the apocalypse, like driving into hell. >> pelley: and after the massacre in orlando, a young man made the most important decision of his life. >> my heart sank inside of my chest. captioning sponsored by cbs


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